The European MOVE WEEK is an annual Europe-wide campaign week promoting sport and physical activity and their positive impact on European societies. For more info visit or like the official NowWeMove page in Facebook. 

MOVE Week breaks record of participation and continues for 2014

NowWeMove has exceeded all expectations with the participation and the variety of events organized in 33 countries for MOVE Week 2013 (7th to 13th October). The number of events promoting physical activity through cross-sector partnerships and a lot of creativity went beyond 1,260 across 33 countries; and almost 300 were events especially focused on the benefits of cycling!

Nine of the most creative organizers have won a free trip to Barcelona and the MOVE Congress 2013, where they will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. One of the winners is an ECF member which organized a cross-sector event against cancer with the participation of 26 organizations all supporting active transport. 

 Sealing an amazing success, the next MOVE Week was announced for 2014. From 29 September to 5 October 2014, MOVE Week will once again unite Europe to celebrate and promote sport and physical activity.  

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) as a partner of the International Social and Culture Association (ISCA) contributed decisively in the vision of NowWeMove: to make 100 million more people physically active in Europe through sports, solidarity and creativity. Click here to read some of the best bike stories of MOVE Week 2013!


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ECF role – A story of success

With more than 300 cycling events around Europe, MOVE Week was a great platform for the promotion and illustration of the various aspects of cycling. From promoting cycling tourism in Turkey to providing bikes to refugees as a means of transport and social integration in Italy, the events were as diverse as the role of cycling in building a better, healthier society. 

NowWeMove Campaign and its flagship initiative, MOVE Week, brought together over 300 cycling events and great opportunities for new alliances among stakeholders from various sectors beyond transport, ie NGOs, medical agencies, sports clubs, companies etc. ECF managed to spread the advocacy message about doubling the number of European cyclists by 2020 using a broad variety of new channels and venues. 

Your NowWeMove team at ECF

We are Karsten and Elina, your NowWeMove support team at ECF working alongside rest of the ECF staff, the ISCA team in Copenhagen and the NowWeMove regional team across Europe.

We will be here to promote cycling as part of NowWeMove. Please get in touch with us and give us your ideas, comments and questions about how we can maximize the benefits of this new partnership to all ECF’s friends and supporters. Karsten assists in achieving maximum Sponsorship opportunities, whereas Elina handles Social Media and Press Relations. 

See the staff page for more details.


 FAQ 1: Can I organize an event outside the MOVE Week?

Yes. NowWeMove is an ongoing campaign throughout the year. However, we encourage all MOVE Agents to carry out their events during the MOVE Week.

By doing so, your event will take place simultaneously with hundreds of other events around Europe. It is a certain way for maximum coverage of your activities to be achieved. Also, if you register your event on Eventbride before August 22nd 2013 you will receive a PR toolkit with NowWeMove bracelets, T-shirts, posters, postcards and event banners.

FAQ 2: Do I get funding to organize my events for MOVE Week?

No. There is no direct financial support for the events organized during MOVE Week. However, we provide you with sophisticated tools to conduct a professional PR campaign and we also make sure to communicate your events to more than 30 countries in Europe via the official NowWeMove website and Facebook page.  A dynamic communications strategy can boost your efforts to approach potential sponsors for your activities!

FAQ 3: How many events do I have to organize during MOVE Week?

As many as you want. There is no limitation in the number of events or people participating in an event. From small happenings in the neighborhood’s park to large events organized by associations or municipalities, everyone is welcome. All it takes is originality and the desire to move yourself and others around you.


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Last Updated March 24, 2014