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Project overview

CYCLELOGISTICS involves getting unneeded motor vehicles off the roads by using more cycles for goods transport in urban centres. In Private Logistics, individuals are informed how to use bikes for shopping or moving goods instead of using a car. Shops promote cycling too. Businesses, including tradesmen, window-washers, plumbers, etc are motivated to use bikes following examples from other countries. The Goods Delivery sector is pressed to increase deliveries by cycle.


Towns & cities are learning how to replace unneeded motor vehicles using cycles & cargo cycles to provide Municipal Services like street cleaning, parks maintenance, etc, and have policies limiting motor vehicle access in city zones, favoring cycle deliveries.

CYCLELOGISTICS will inform potential consumers, (private, business, governments) across Europe of test results on cargo bikes, cycle trailers, bags and baskets to encourage purchase.

CYCLELOGISTICS is an EU Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme project with 9 European partners including 3 cities.

Read the study: Potential to shift goods transport from cars to bicycles in European cities


ECF role

Co-initiator with Lead Partner FGM-AMOR; leader of “work-packages” Applications and “Dissemination for EACI/EU Intelligent Energy”.

Contact person

Dr Randy Rzewnicki tel +32-2-880 -9278 or +32-486-481-422


The Cycle Logistics consumer reports

The reviews span across five main categories

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Shopping trailers


Cargo bikes


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