Cities for Cyclists


Cities for Cyclists aspire to establish a global ECF network of cities which are working to promote bicycle use in urban areas and encourage the exchange of knowledge. 

Flickr/Caspar Diederick

Flickr/Caspar Diederick

Aims of the network

  • Putting cycling at the centre of urban planning and political thinking
  • Inspiring and catalyzing more cities to take concrete action in promoting cycling by learning from each other and avoiding the dilemma of having to “reinvent the wheel”
  • Exchanging knowledge, solutions and strategies and thus promoting political initiatives and practical work on the ground
  • Promoting and supporting a change in policy and planning practices in cities, and introducing a cycle-friendly perspective in these processes 

Become a member 

  • Share the best practices between network member cities
  • Participate in Velo-city conference. As of 2011, network members receive free ticket(s) for the conference. The Velo-city conference series, managed by ECF, is the largest cycling conference in the world and provides the best platform for cycling experts, urban planners, bicycle officers, decision-makers, NGOs and researchers to discuss the potential and challenges of cycling. Save the date for this year’s special Cities for Cycling event in Velo-City Global, Tuesday 2 June 2015 in Nantes!
  • Receive Cities for Cyclists newsletter containing updated information on cycling policies at the European level, as well as announcements of important dates and deadlines for conferences relevant to the promotion of cycling.
  • Take advantage of ECF advocacy at the European and the global level with common benefits for municipalities and regions
  • Stay informed about potential partnership opportunities in EU-funded cycling projects
  • Receive factsheets about cycling policy, infrastructure, campaigning, etc.

Last Updated March 10, 2015