Starting date – Ending date

May 2012 – April 2015

Want to get more people cycling? “Bike the Track, Track the Bike” is the perfect solution. 

“This program works. 50% of participants cycle more often.”

Troels Andersen (Cycle Planner, Fredericia, Denmark)

B-Track-B (“Bike-the-Track-Track-the-Bike”) combines understanding about social marketing, behavior change and smart technologies to get more people cycling, reaching out to groups that are not reached by conventional cycling promotion. This fun concept sets up ‘check-points’ across cities to track, reward and encourage more trips by bicycle

Techniques used to track and reward cyclists in the B-Track-B package include RFID Tags, Phone App, and Stamp Cards. 

The project has been completed in March 2015.

The website can be found here www.btrackb.eu

What can the B-Track-B program offer you?

For a price of €4000, B-Track-B offers: 5



Who can use it  

Cities, schools, companies and anyone wanting to boost levels of cycling. The program can be implemented on a city-wide scale, at strategic locations (schools, cinemas etc.) or at various ‘check-points’ across the city. It can also be adapted to public bike share systems.

We can create a B-Track B program to suit your needs.

Contact person

Henk Hendriks h.hendriks@ecf.com tel +31642903196

Case Studies

Case Study 1. Helmond, The Netherlands

By rewarding people for parking their bicycles in specific locations, the city’s campaign was able to reach 3% of the entire population in 2 years.

Case Study 2. Fredericia, Denmark:

By rewarding people “cycling to work and school”, the city now has 1.126 cyclists participating in the program in just two years with more than 75,000 cycle trips already recorded. See www.CykelScore.dk


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Last Updated March 30, 2015