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  • 27.03.2013



Crowded Dutch Parking Credit: Velopa

Data is often mind-boggling, especially when it involves the Dutch and cycling… 

In the ECF offices, we have staff from every corner of the globe: Hungarians, Americans, Belgians, British, Australians, Germans, Austrians, French… the list goes on. So you can imagine the sort of heated bicycle discussions we have about modal share, bicycle policy, funding, bicycle brands. Our lunch breaks can turn into lunch debates in a matter of minutes. 

Our Dutch Members

If you want to know anything about Dutch cycling, holidays or bicycle policy, get in touch with our members, Fietsersbond: 

One morning, our Dutch colleague Henk Hendriks, decided to boast about Dutch cycling statistics. (As if we didn’t already know). He shared some figures from Fietsersbond, the Dutch Cyclists’ Union. 

The data was nothing short of mind-boggling. We simply couldn’t resist sharing the numbers with you.  So here goes… daily cycling statistics in the Netherlands:


750,000 bicycle trips made​​ mostly to work. 


Most children go to school, which means another 1.2 million trips made by bicycle. 


Most people have now arrived at work: 2.5 million trips so far today. 


For a number of reasons, morning cycling is popular, adding another 2.5 million trips by bicycles. This means we’ve seen 5 million bicycle rides so far… 


1.5 million more trips are made as many elementary school students go home for a quick sandwich. The tally stands at 6.5 million bike rides.


Cycling in Utrecht, the Netherlands Credit: Velopa


Yet another 1.2 million trips. Don’t bother asking why (they are Dutch after all). 


The school bell has rung, and children cycle to friends’ houses and sports clubs etc. In the last two hours 2.5 million bike rides. The counter is above 10 million.


It’s  evening rush hour and many people do their shopping, children go to the gym. Yikes… another 1.2 million bike rides. 


Most people are back at home. Yet again, another 1.2 million bicycle trips taken. 


It’s may be late, but that doesn’t mean no more cycling. Another 1.75 million bicycle trips are made as many athletes, students, artists and those wanting to go out at night take to two wheels. 

The final tally?

5 million cyclists and more than 14 million bicycle journeys made​​. 

Now check out this video below from Dutch bicycle Blogger, Mark Wagenbuur, and you’ll have your daily dose of inspiration. 

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About the Author

Julian Ferguson is the Communications Officer for the European Cyclists’ Federation. Originally hailing from Australia and a keen bicycle advocate, he plans one day to ride his bicycle from Brussels to Melbourne. 

You can follow him on Twitter @julian_ferguson


  • Wuppidoc

    Great video, and at the end of the film the explanation why people cycle in such great numbers: separated cycling infrastructure!!

  • Wuppidoc

    There are people out there, cyclists, who seriously fight against separated cycling infrastructure, why?

  • Eric Schuijt

    And the funiest thing about cycling in Amsterdam are the tourists on rental bikes.
    When I and Carla are cycling in Amsterdam, I often yell: “Yellow Bike alert” So she knows there are some tourists on the road that can stop suddenly or turn right or left without looking.
    (Yellow Bike is one of the better bikerental companies in Amsterdam)

    Eric Schuijt

  • Leon

    @Wuppidoc. Separated bicycle structure is great up to a certain point. Beyond that point however (1) traffic constructions sometimes get very complicated and time-consuming to use and (2) car drivers don’t get confronted with cyclists that much, leading to accident risks when they do.

  • Elstar

    Perhaps it’s interresting to tell that the video was shot on different locations in just one city: Utrecht. But in other cities it works quitte the same: for short rides the bicycle is first choice for the majority.

    Separated bicycle structure does not explain why there are that many cyclists in Holland. It does explain why cycling is pretty save and pleasant.
    Free transport, short distances between villages and cities, the flat land and the dense, narrow inner cities are the main reasons for the dutch to cycle that much. They can get anywhere, without spending money and with a small amount of effort. Everything else is a result of cycling being a common habit in our country.
    We want good and save facilities, and in many cities politicians support investments in cycling structure. It’s what the people want, a lot of voters are cyclists.

    • Mark Wagenbuur

      Not entirely in Utrecht! The second half of the video is mainly from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, But there are also shots of Alkmaar, Etten-Leur and even Amsterdam!

Last Updated March 27, 2013