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Randy Neufeld, Director of SRAM cycling fund received the prestigious “Cycling Leadership Award” from the Danish Cycling Embassy. He was awarded for his outstanding work in cycling advocacy. 

Announcing the award at the Velo-city conference in Vancouver, the Embassy said: “This year the award goes to a man who has a hands on approach to cycling and he has inspired people… He has gone from an activist to an extremely influential figure promoting cycling policies.”

Receiving the award, Neufeld explained: “We’re all trying to solve that problem of how we get more cyclists. I thank you that I can be a part of it, and look forward to see [cycling] numbers go up in places we never imagined.”

Neufeld has acted as a bridge between bicycle industry and advocacy for many years and is well respected by industry and advocacy alike. 

About Randy Neufeld

Randy Neufeld is the Director of SRAM Cycling Fund, based in Chicago, Illinois. Actively involved in cycling-related advocacy, Neufeld is a long-time bike enthusiast with the goal to sync the bike industry with the needs of today’s cyclists.

“Neufeld’s work in cycling advocacy has been nothing short of outstanding,” says Kevin Mayne, Director of Development at the European Cyclists’ Federation. 

“He’s one of the key figures who’s realises the importance of industry and advocacy, and he’s done some amazing work in Europe, North America and across the globe.”

In previous years the award has gone to high profile figures such as New York Mayor Bloomberg and Chilean Activist Lake Sagaris. According to the Danish Cycling Embassy, the award is given to those that are “truly dedicated to cycling promotion”. 

ECF applauds both Randy Neufeld and Sram Cycling Fund who are also members of ECF’s Cycle Industry Club, which seeks to triple the number of cyclists in Europe by 2020. 


About the Author

Founded in 1983, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is the umbrella federation of the national cyclists’ associations in Europe, reinforced by similar organisations from other parts of the world. ECF seeks to change attitudes, policies and budget allocations at the European level. ECF stimulates and organises the exchange of information and expertise on bicycle related transport policies and strategies as well as the work of the cyclists’ movement.


Live Coverage from Velo-city

ECF is reporting this story live from the world’s largest cycling policy in Vancouver, Canada where nearly 1,000 of the cycling world’s best and brightest have gathered for four days to talk cycling. You can read more stories from our Velo-city live page and tweet #velocity2012 to join in the conversation.





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