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  • 31.10.2012


The Bullit, one of the bicycles on offer for the free trials

Brussels-based businesses are able to trial cargo bikes for free, thanks to the European funded Cycle Logistics Project.

Businesses can deliver goods in Brussels  for free starting this month.  In order to encourage businesses to see the value of pedal power, cargo bikes can be used for up to 7 days at no charge.The free trials are provided by CycleLogistics, a European funded project which wants to see more goods moved by bike. 

“We have the bikes that business needs to deliver goods in Brussels,” says Siebert Muller, owner and operator of Velodroom where the cargo bikes are located. 

Bicycles that can be borrowed for one week include the popular Bullit and Christiana, and the Long John.

“The goal is that people learn what a bike can mean for their business. And that we learn what business people think about the bikes that are available in Brussels,” says  Randy Rzewnicki, CycleLogistics’ project manager at the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).

“On the streets the last few years we see more and more goods are moving around by cycle in Brussels, mostly with cycle-based delivery companies. But these cycles are also being used for are also being used in Brussels for things such as advertising, mobile repairs, shops, street vendors, or within companies that need to move things around the workplace,” he continues.

The Velo-Fixer, a brussels based business which uses a Bullit.

Popular bicycle based businesses in the capital include the Velo-fixer, a mobile bicycle repair service and Ecopostale, which now delivers up to 400 packages per day by bicycle.

Denmark’s Christiana Cargo Bike, which is available for a free trial in Brussels.

“Our delivery service is more reliable than cars or vans.  I believe in cargo bicycles because we have more and more demand for our services. It’s proof that it works ,” says Nicolas Etienne, CEO of Ecopostale.  

Nevertheless Belgium still has some way to go before it catches up to neighbouring Denmark, where 1 in 4 families own a cargo bicycle, and cargo bicycle businesses are thriving.


The Mobile Repair Service: Velo-Fixer

I Want More Information

At Velodroom these bikes are now available at no charge for businesses in Brussels for a maximum of 7 days. This offer is available for the next 18 months.

Where is Velodroom?

Velodroom is located in Brussels city centre at  Rue Arteveldestraat 41, close to the Metro Station Bourse/Beurs. Telephone +322 513 8199. Open from 09h00-18h00 most days, closed Monday.  Email: Info[AT]

Business Only:

The offer is only open to businesses.  Private individuals can rent cargo bikes from Velodroom for a fee. Cyclo also  rents a Bullit cargo bike for €20 per day

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