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Credit: Copenhagenize Consulting


Cycle Logistics in UK. Credit: Outspoken Delivery

Cargo bikes have been spotted on Brussels streets, and in European cities and capitals. Now European Cycle Logistics companies are seeking to form a federation. The group is seeking out interested parties from across Europe.

“As a group we will be able to influence and convince stakeholders that freight bikes are a feasible option for delivering cargo in congested inner city areas” says Rob King, founder of the British cycle based in delivery company “Outspoken Delivery” who is behind the initiative to create a European Cycle Logistic Federation.

The move has come about in wake of the EU-funded Cycle Logistics project, which has gathered key players in the field to promote cycle products for the transportation of goods and services.

In Sao Paulo cycle deliveries are very common. Even McDonalds delivers by bike. Credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen


Urban growth calls for new logistic solutions

According to the United Nations, the world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history with more than half of the world’s population living in an urban areas. Urban delivery however has not evolved in line with this change in demographics.

The EU Funded Cycle Logistics project states that “almost 100% of goods transport within cities is done by motorised vehicles, ranging from personal cars to commercial lorries”. It believes 25% of all these trips could be shifted from motorized vehicles towards cycling-related solutions.

Gary Armstrong, Business Development Manager of Outspoken Delivery and organizer of the proposed Cycle Logistics Federation, believes that pedal driven delivery could and should play a big role in cities’ logistics network:

“Freight bikes can deliver to inner city centers which vans/lorries cannot easily access and probably quicker as they can cut through and bypass congestion. In addition freight bikes are very cost competitive against a van and have very green credentials with zero carbon emissions”

China is known for its almost absurd cycle logistics. Amazing what one human and one bike can handle. Credit: Alain Delorme


Giving Cycle Logistics a Voice.

“Discussions we have had with other cycle based delivery companies has have highlighted that there is no group or professional body which represents or supports the needs of cycle logistics companies such as ourselves,” says Armstrong.

By creating a professional body of cycle logistics, the group is seeking to enable small companies or organizations to aim for much higher goals. The federation will also highlight best practice, share knowledge and experience, establish a lobby group(s) to influence relevant stakeholders, establishing appropriate information resources, identifying opportunities for shared promotions, marketing and costs – simply, to have a strong, unified voice when setting the standards of future urban logistics.

Get Involved

Outspoken Delivery is inviting any organizations, including manufacturers, to contact them. A one day inaugural conference for the proposed group is planned to be held in Cambridge, UK in July 2012.

Interested organizations should fill in the online form to attend.

Spread the word!

About the EU-funded CycleLogistics project:

Running from May 2011 until April 2014 and spanning 12 countries, the EU-funded project CycleLogistics aims to reduce energy used in urban freight transport by replacing unnecessary motorised vehicles with cargo bikes for intra-urban delivery and goods transport in Europe. CycleLogistics will expand its niche market position and be regarded as a serious alternative for the transportation of light goods in inner cities.

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