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  • 22.07.2014

Obtaining better international rail services for bike carriage

(image courtesy of The international cycle route along the River Elbe in the Czech Republic and Germany is one of the most famous and popular cycle routes in Europe.  One of its sections forms part of EuroVelo 7 – also known as the Sun Route. Cycling tourists who have already experienced it might already More


ECF strongly supports European proposal linking public health to cycling

The consequences of congestion in urban zones are as far-reaching as they are diverse. It’s about much more than the immediate nuisance of wasted time – not only does a city centre in gridlock see its economy suffer and its people despair, but most notably it will have a negative impact on citizens’ health and More

  • EuroVelo,
  • 18.07.2014

A brand new EuroVelo route & three extensions move a step closer to joining network

The proposed EuroVelo 17 (Rhone Cycle Route), extensions to EuroVelo 1 (Atlantic Coast Route) in Iceland and Portugal and EuroVelo 8 (Mediterranean Route) in Corsica have all become official ‘Candidate Routes’ following the decision of the EuroVelo Council at the end of June.  The applicants will now have until the end of 2015 to implement More


“Bicistaffetta”, the annual Fiab bike ride, marks the inauguration of signing on EuroVelo 5

Between the 9th and 13th September, a bike ride will celebrate the newly-inaugurated signing along Eurovelo 5 in a very attractive stretch of the recently revised Via Romea Francigena. Registration has just opened to both to national and international participants. It is a very picturesque route, starting from the Samnite town of Benevento, that follows the More

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Recent studies show investing in cycling pays off around the globe

               Image courtesy of Pro Velo R&D Investing in cycling does not only make cities more liveable, it also pays off economically. Returns can be up to 24 times higher than the initial investment. Three recently published studies from three different continents show this. From New Zealand: Research confirms More

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  • ECF,
  • 07.07.2014

ECF welcomes seven new staff members!

ECF has been busy as ever and is delighted to introduce fresh reinforcements to its valiant team. Acacia, Ben, Benedicte, Brendan, Holger, Izabela and Laetitia look forward to making the world a better place by getting “more people cycling, more often”! Izabela Zapolnik, who is from Poland, is our new Office Assistant. Her role is More

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  • World Cycling Alliance,

Cycling success story from Rio de Janeiro

With the world’s spotlight on Rio de Janeiro and football this year, we thought we would share something a bit different from the booming Brazilian city. The Transporte Ativo (Active Transportation) NGO has taken huge strides in transforming the city into a cycle friendly metropolis as a key part of its aim to promote active mobility. Transporte Ativo, More

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  • B-TRACK-B, Cities for Cyclists,
  • 26.06.2014

Fun B-Track-B campaign ideas

The ECF’s B-Track-B is a very useful marketing tool for cities and organisations who want to encourage citizens to cycle. B-Track-B provides virtual check-in points within cities which allow cyclists to see how many trips they have made. As a cyclist, the more trips you make the higher the chances are that you can win a More

  • NowWeMove,
  • 24.06.2014

MOVEWeek 2014, time to get moving!

MOVEWeek is almost upon as again! From 29th September to 5th October 2014, MOVEWeek will once again unite Europe to celebrate and promote sport and physical activity. The NowWeMove campaign is a joint effort between ECF and the International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA) that aims to get 100 million more Europeans active in sport and More

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Successful B-Track-B campaigns get students cycling

There are some very inspiring stories of how B-Track-B campaigns have been reaching out to their communities and especially to their schools to spread the message of cycling. Denmark Fredericia, in Denmark, is a great example of a city that has really stepped up to the challenge. There have been many successful events such as More