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  • 29.05.2015

Cycling tourism in the spotlight – panel discussion with OECD and UNWTO leaders at the ITF

Cycling has a great place at the International Transport Forum 2015 Annual Summit: it was mentioned more than ever. Cycling is an engine for sustainable tourism but it could do more if it would be integrated in financing, planning and in monitoring. In addition to increased mention of cycling at a really high level, cycling More

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  • 28.05.2015

UK air quality: a lot to learn from Berlin

In the past month the UK Supreme Court ordered the British government to submit a new air quality plan to the European Commission by the end of this year. Air pollution is a hot issue in the country, there have been several experiments to improve air quality but there are numerous foreign examples – such More

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  • 27.05.2015

ECF launched a think tank on EU Roadmap for Cycling

On 19th May the European Cyclists’ Federation launched a think tank comprising of several stakeholder groups to gather ideas on an EU Roadmap for Cycling. There were many issues discussed at the meeting with participants actively engaging in the brainstorming sessions too. ECF is pleased to see the great interest in cycling from all interested More

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SWITCH from car to Active Transport is healthy for mind and body

A systematic review of studies on active transportation showed evidence that a mode shift to active transport resulted in reductions in all-cause mortality, CVD, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, cancer, falls or impaired mental health. It’s the first time that studies conducting quantitative health impact assessment of a mode shift to active transportation were systematically reviewed. More

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Businesses and Cities save money with CycleLogistics and E-bikes

Replacing motor vehicles with bikes and cargo bikes saves money, time, space, and has many other benefits. It’s tested, and going mainstream across Europe. Experts present a workshop “Pro-E-Bike & CycleLogistics: Moving goods by cycle” for businesses, decision-makers, and fleet managers, on Tuesday June 2, 2015 at La Cite. How much have businesses reduced costs  More

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All aspects of cycling meet at Velo-city 2015 Nantes

  There are thousands of people working to grow cycling right across the world who have almost no day to day contact with the bicycle industry. The work they do today influencing new investments in infrastructure and creating the next generation of cyclists will decide the markets of tomorrow. So how do the smart bike More

More and more cities are inspired to start their own e-cargo bike projects
  • 13.05.2015

Success of e-cargo bikes: more cities are inspired to start their own projects

Five municipalities that were testing electric bikes in home care services chose to continue to use these bikes because they were all satisfied with the previous results. A spin-off effect is that other municipalities in the region have been inspired to start their own electric bicycle projects. Companies also have positive experience with e-cargo bikes all More

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Planned flyover poses great challenge in Wellington

Road schemes often pose a great challenge to cycling advocacy groups because major road development projects many times suck up resources that could be spent on infrastructure for cycling, walking and public transport. In addition, the principle of induced demand also ends up in increased congestion, not decreased. An interesting story is unfolding in Wellington, New More

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Time for clean air in the UK and in EU member states

The UK Supreme Court ruled that the British government needs to comply with EU air pollution limits which would mean tighter controls on diesel vehicles in the country. Advocacy group ClientEarth welcomed the decision, whereas the government is saying work is already under way. ECF is also very pleased that non-polluting cyclists, pedestrians will soon More

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  • 30.04.2015

World Cycling Alliance showed how cycling fits into UN goals

World Cycling Alliance, under the ECF umbrella has stressed the importance of cycling and active mobility at the 2nd Preparatory Committee for the Habitat III in Nairobi. WCA also pointed out how cycling fits in all the UN Habitat goals for an equitable and prosperous sustainable city. Marcio Deslandes, Project Officer for WCA describes the details More