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  • 23.04.2015

Groningen, a grown-up cycling city

Groningen recently presented its new cycling strategy for 2015-2025. The city population is growing, commuter traffic is increasing and public space is under pressure. The story of so many cities, really. Groningen chooses the bicycle to keep the city accessible, liveable, economically vital, healthy and safe. It shows that with a good strategy cycling can deliver More

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  • 22.04.2015

Active Transport in the Netherlands Contributes to Physical Activity Requirements

According to a new study active modes of transport help in the prevention for sedentary lifestyle diseases and car ownership had a strong negative relationship with physically active travel. The Dutch provide us with valuable evidence for the critical benefits of environments and cultures which support healthy, active urban lifestyles. In addition, walking, cycling and using public More

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Record breaking cycling event on the horizon in Budapest

A record-breaking cycling event is to happen in Budapest. The 25th April event – called I bike Budapest – aims to bond the name of Hungarian capital’s name with cycling once and for all. The event is planned more of a celebration, festival than a demonstration. The event is going to be opened by the Dutch More

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  • 20.04.2015

Will the UN’s support for cycling inspire EU to work on a Roadmap on Cycling?

ECF took part in a side event organized at the Palais des Nations in Geneva during the 66th session of the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) 14.4. – 16.4. 2015. ECF’s national member association Pro Velo Suisse and Cycling Industry Club member Accell Suisse were also present at the event. The aim of More

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  • 14.04.2015

Paris wants to become world capital of cycling and the whole world is watching

Paris wants to become the world capital of cycling. The French capital’s ambitious project has drawn accolades from all around the planet but pro-cycling measures and policies have been slowly spreading all around France — like in the host city of Velo-city 2015, Nantes –, perspective from the French ECF staff. Copenhagen and Amsterdam need More

Bikes Sales in FR, DE, NL 2014
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  • 10.04.2015

Cycling sells: Three of EU’s biggest markets see substantial increase in bike sales in 2014

Cycling is on the upswing in Europe, and so are bike sales: France, Germany and the Netherlands, three of the biggest bike markets in the EU, have seen market values increase by 8% to 11% in 2014. What is more, the average price per bike has gone up in all three countries, with pedelecs and e-bikes More

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Cycling fatalities: much higher risk of getting killed by a lorry than a bus in London

Heavy Goods Vehicles are involved in a massive amount of fatal collisions all around Europe, in some countries more than a third of cycling fatalities are a result of a collision with a lorry. ECF’s Road Safety Policy Officer Ceri Woolsgrove looked into the separate data on HGV and bus collisions with cyclists in London More

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  • 03.04.2015

Cycling is a sign of a successful city, bike sharing could reduce air pollution says OECD

A recently published OECD report says that cycling is a sign of a successful city, bike sharing could help reduce air pollution and congestions but car use in most cities are not correctly priced. Congestion charges, speed limits could also help reduce air pollution and congestion, however because of the not correct pricing of car More

Island Nation of Kiribati Affected by Climate Change
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  • 27.03.2015

Cities ask for European support to fight climate change

More than two dozen EU Capitals that are pushing for a worldwide climate agreement called out to the European Union for more direct funding to tackle climate change and committed themselves to spend more on green industry innovations. ECF makes sure cycling is considered as a key solution on global and European level. In a More

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  • 25.03.2015

Bremen & Östersund win EU awards for sustainable mobility

It has been a fruitful European Mobility Week Workshop in Brussels with many cities and organisations sharing their plans, recent experiences with sustainable urban mobility and mobility planning. ECF is happy to see that all EMW and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans awards nominees and winners – Östersund and Bremen - have cycling as one of their More