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  • 23.10.2015

ECF Members join forces to campaign against Eurostar

Cycling organisations on both sides of the English Channel are working together to fight a change in bicycle carriage policy being introduced by the rail operator Eurostar next month. From 1st November it will no longer be possible to transport complete bicycles on Eurostar trains.  Instead, they will have to be dissembled and placed in

  • 03.06.2014

MEP survey featured on and The Parliament Magazine

  Le Monde We recently published a series of articles relating to our big survey of MEP candidates, which asked them what they thought about our main recommendations for cycling policy. The article was picked up by several news outlets, most notably on Le Monde’s website, in the shape of a blogpost on the influential

  • 23.04.2014

(Irish Times) Cycling in Dublin – the Next Stage

Next week, what has been billed as the “largest gathering of urban cycling advocates in the northern hemisphere in 2014”, will be in Dublin for the annual general meeting of the European Cyclists’ Federation. Dublin seems an appropriate choice for the event, which comes just a couple of weeks after the publication of figures showing that


( Call for 30kph to be enforced at school sites

BY CORMAC MURPHY – 18 APRIL 2014 03:30 PM SPEED limits of 30kph need to be enforced around schools in Dublin to encourage cycling, campaigners have demanded ahead of a major cycling convention in the city. Dublin Cycling Campaign put forward the measure as part of a move to promote better lifestyles among schoolchildren. The group’s

  • 15.04.2014

(Bike Biz) EU parliament demands pedestrian/cyclist safety features for new HGVs

Members of European Parliament vote to support the manufacture of safer lorry cabs. Members of the European Parliament have voted today in the plenary to support the manufacture of safer lorry cabs under amendments made to Directive 96/53 on the maximum Weights and Dimensions of lorries. The legislation will allow extra length to be used


(BBC) MEPs to vote on safer EU lorry shape

A large majority in the European Parliament has approved new rules to make big lorries safer for other road users and more fuel-efficient. If national governments back the changes, lorries will have to have bigger windows and rounder fronts – rather than the standard “brick” design used for drivers’ cabs now. New designs will tackle

  • 08.04.2014

ECF Rolls Cargo Bikes into EU Parliament

BRUSSELS, Belgium – “More people should realize that, potentially, 50% of motor vehicle trips moving goods about in our cities could be switched to bikes. And that over 90% of trips to the supermarket could also be accomplished by bicycle.” This was the core statement that was delivered April 3 to members of the European


Half of all city car traffic could be cycled

ECF tells Brussels how cycling deliveries mean better business DHL Express is pioneering the use of cargo bikes in a pilot project in several European cities which is resulting in reduced costs, less stresses employees and saving time and distance covered. The pilots, in Athens, Luxembourg, Vienna and Milan, were being highlighted by the European

  • 24.03.2014

CSTT Research Helps Put Cycling in EU Transport Policy

CSTT’s reports on the economic impacts of EU cycle tourism have helped cycling advocates to put cycling and the EuroVelo cycle route network higher on the EU transport agenda. Just before Christmas 2013, new Regulations relating to the EU’s TEN-T Network (Trans-European Transport Network) were officially adopted following positive votes in the European Parliament and the Council

  • 11.03.2014

Rise in international visitors at Taipei Cycle show

There was a five percent rise in international visitors to the Taiwan cycle trade show, reports the show’s owner. There was a rise of 4.9 percent in the amount of international visitors attracted to the Taipei Cycle show, reports the show’s owner.  The show wrapped on March 8th after having attracted a total of 7,529 international