European Funding

EU Funding 

European Union funding for cycling can come in various forms. It can make substantial impacts on cycling policy, advocacy programs, industry growth and other cycling-related goals and initiatives. Advocacy is one of the key methods by which funds can be released to spread knowledge and demonstrate the benefits of cycling to policy makers, citizens and industry.


ECF has identified €6 billion worth of European Union funding to be used on cycling and cycling-related initiatives throughout Europe. Focused on establishing a network of national partners, the €6 billion campaign is something that is guaranteed to make big changes in the world of cycling. 


6 Billion for Cycling 

The €6 Billion for cycling campaign is a project that aims to take already-existing funding and create Europe-wide networks that will produce growth, innovation and opportunities in the cycling world. 

Over the course of this year, the EU will decide how to spend its €1 trillion budget for the period up to 2020.  In the last budget, only €600 million was allocated to cycling.  Why?  Well, it’s largely because  national and regional governments didn’t know what to ask for.

  • Previously, only 4 EU countries had requested significant money (>€100 million) for cycling.
  • In Hungary, €200 million was used to fund a comprehensive national cycling plan – this is something that could have been done in many other EU countries
  • Some of the best known mountain biking developments in the world have been funded by the EU

In 2012, ECF and its partners secured €4million from the EU for the TransDanube Cycle Route and The Iron Curtain Trail.  The money is there, the resources are too – now it’s just about putting them to use. 

The funding can be used in a number of ways and on various projects that work to stimulate and enlarge the market for cycling and cycling advocacy all over Europe.  The main sources of EU funding for the €6 Billion are: 

EU institutions 

Cohesion Policy

Rural Development Fund

Funds for Neighboring Countries

Want more information on the €6 Billion campaign? Our video below provides an introduction to the campaign and if you want to actively help out, go to our How you can help get €6 billion for cycling page.

Last Updated May 24, 2013